Senin, 13 Oktober 2014

Use Bilingual Books to Boost Your Child's Literacy

Books help readers gain new insight on subjects that matter to them, and help them to have a new understanding of the world around them. Books are a tangible and valuable record of our world.

Be it ancient languages and stories of earliest civilizations, books are the finest means to introduce ourselves to the diverse history. Books enables us to learn and imagine. A book unfolds new discoveries pertaining to history, where the importance of this newly revealed information needs to be applied to knowledge that already exists. Thus, new editions of books are launched because facts evolve or change. In addition, foreign language books are defined as books and literature written in other languages. They enable us to enhance our knowledge of foreign cultures, traditions and work. This further enhances the learning process by providing knowledge of more varied ways to face globalization.

Dual language books are published in two languages. Texts for children mostly have both languages on one page or two languages facing each other on alternate pages. Usually, a dual language book is a great studying tool for anyone willing to learn a second language. These kind of books keep the reader eager and excited to turn each page. Short tales and various interesting sections in these books serve as a marvelous tool to move you ahead in enhancing your skill to 'think' in a new language. 
Usually, most children have the capacity and facility to learn more than one language. Researchers say that there are numerous benefits of bilingual education. The benefits include being able to learn words easily, being able to use information in new ways, connecting with others, improving listening skills, putting words into categories and much more. Studies suggest that kids who pursue second language are better at solving complex problems and score higher on standardized tests of English. The most significant benefit of learning language is the ability to communicate with people of different countries.

It's worth mentioning here that there are few online book stores that provide dual language books. The online firms provide CD's, posters and dual-language books in over 40 languages. The materials include both popular and less commonly taught language. The stories and various types of books are innovative and creative while teaching children about other traditions and culture. The online book portals appreciate the opportunity to support the next generation to be linguistically skilled and culturally aware. In addition, Arabic Children books and audio CD's are a great resource for learning and teaching Arabic. The online domain includes Arabic folktales, Multicultural stories, Myths, Legends, picture books and a beautifully illustrated Arabic picture dictionary.